Brenda, IT professional

I love to attend Ariel’s yoga class, it is fun, always have something new and inspiring. She is patience and cheerful. And she is also a very good healer, her Chi Nei Tsang treatment helps me to relieve Gynecological problem 💚💚💚

Angie, Healer & Writer

Ariel is the most amazing, kind and knowledgeable yoga teacher. She makes sure each participant, no matter if they are a beginner or long time student, understands what they are supposed to feel and take out of each pose. She gives multiple options so that each person can choose what they feel most comfortable with and helps those that are beginners to select whatever is best for them in that moment. Her classes are given in the true spirit of yoga, and each class is an amazing experience.

Crystal, Actress

Ariel is a lovely, fun, energetic and warm person. I love her style of teaching, and also her nice and peaceful energy which also reflects in her classes. She is extraordinarily skilled, patient and kind. Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher to teach us what you know, and share all your work so selflessly for our benefits and growth. I always get new inspiration and also peace of mind after her classes. It’s truly a beautiful and magical experience that I hope everyone of you can enjoy and feel, you’ll love every minute of it!

Philippa, Yoga Teacher

A wealth of knowledge always shared through kindness and her big smile. I enjoy Ariel’s balance of energy through Jivamukti, complemented with an informed, functional approach to Yin Yoga.

Kelly, Banking Professional

I started practising yoga back in 2015, but right after my first Jivamukti class with Ariel in 2018, I knew that Ariel is the one for me - Her lovely personality and positive energy radiated the classroom and she is so kind and caring. I felt enlightened, energised, empowered and HAPPIER! I simply fell in love with all her classes! ✨❤️


Through practising asanas and chanting, Ariel has led me to become more awakened in the spiritual path of yoga, develop deeper bodily and energetic awareness, and discover inner peace. These are not just practised on the mat, but also extended to my daily life as well. If you have not tried Ariel’s class yet, do it NOW :D

Brian, HR professional

A special authentic light, wise, funny and a truly wonderful teacher.

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