Flying with side crow

June 26, 2014

Today while I was stuck in writing a copy for our restaurant's monthly special, I decided to spread out my yoga mat in my office and bring some oxygen into my brain. For the last three weeks, I have only done yoga twice because of my crazy schedule of work + french lessons + CranioSacral Therapy workshops + teaching yoga + writing my own website etc. Therefore, I didn't expect anything exciting would happen today. On the contrary, I thought that I would have lost a lot of my strength and flexibility.


One pose I had always struggled with was side crow - not that I didn't have the strength with my arms and abs, but because I didn't have enough thoracic flexion (rounding the spine), the favorable proportion for the pose, or a combination of both, so somehow I was always stuck in my twist to bring my knees up my arm. But today, I did it with ease. I guess I have still yet to find out all the amazing changes after eight days of CranioSacral Therapy. I was so excited that I disrupted my good friend/colleague in his work to take a picture of me in the pose. Being our professional in-house designer, he grabbed a serious camera instead of my smartphone. I did side crow for at least 15 times on both sides so that we could have a decent picture with the right angle and lighting. Not an easy task for either of us in my tiny office. 


Looking at one random picture with me just sitting on the mat, I said, "wow I looked really buffed in this pic! That's interesting..."


"Yes I think you look fitter lately, what have you been doing?", my friend said.


"Really? I thought so too! I think I'm slimmer and more toned than before. But I haven't really been doing anything except eight days of CranioSacral Therapy. I haven't even done much yoga," I said.


"You'd better try that whatever therapy on me soon!" my friend said.


"I seriously had no idea the therapy can do so much "beautifying" works - my face is more balanced and now I'm slimmer. Less work for your photoshopping now".


We laughed.


I don't mean everyone will get the same results as I did from CST (slimming and balancing my face were the last things on my mind when I first approached CST). I'm just excited to share how my body have moved to a more effective balance after the workshops. What I suspect is that in CST, we released a lot of the tensions in deep fascial tissues, and that have probably helped me to loosen up in a way that yoga, massage, and even meditation couldn't. From my experience and observation, yoga and meditation do complement all other forms of healing, be it CST, Reiki, acupuncture, TCM etc. Practising yoga and meditation purify and prepare my body to better attune to my inner body wisdom and to the benefits of other healing modalities.


I still have a few restrictions and dysfunctions in my body that I will work on but I'm just too amazed at all these subtle improvements CST have brought forward. I'm deeply grateful. Thank you. 

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