What Do You Desire?

Ariel Tang - What Do You Desire?

These days I’m looking a lot at our collective limiting beliefs. Beliefs that block us from truth and that limit our ability to fully express and experience life.

⛓Some of the limiting beliefs that caught my attention are centered around desires -

  • “It is not spiritual or yogi-like to have desires”

  • “I feel guilty for wanting more while so many people have much less”

  • “I’m being greedy if I want what I want”

  • “Desires are bad and will ruin your life”

  • “I shouldn’t want more. If I want more, it means I’m not content”

  • “I will never get what I want”

  • “I’m not smart/good/worthy enough to get what I want”

  • “It’s bad to ask what I want”

  • “I don’t want to be disappointed, so I’d better not to desire much”


I’m sure you have seen more or variations of the same story.

The truth is - this is all Bullshit.

The world will stop running when there are no desire. Your desire to live keeps you breathing and your heart pumping. All inventions start from a desire - desire to change. All social change starts with a desire. All changes, all inventions, all of life, start with a desire.

The important thing is we have to align our desires with our soul purpose, our dharma and to the highest and greatest good for all.

When we have no desire, the Universe can’t operate through us or don’t know what to give us. Just like when you go to a restaurant, the server won’t know what to serve you if you don’t tell him/her what you want!

So my soul friends, what do you desire? Give yourself the permission to ask for what you want. Share with me please!

Be Love,


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