Light Dispels Darkness

I’m sharing this message with those who need to read/hear this. My intention is to awaken our Spirit and bring in more light. I have been having these downloads for awhile but I was afraid to share - fear of censorship, misunderstanding, rejection, distortion, bullying or that the world is not ready for it etc.

✨But I feel I need to share this now.

Humanity has evolved much since the previous World Wars and modern warfare has now simply become more sophisticated. World War III is not about killing physical bodies with barbaric methods like knives, bombs and bullets, but it is about killing people’s Spirit (some physical bodies are “killed” which are the “collateral damage” of war). It’s a Spiritual War. It’s an information war. It’s bio-weapon war. It’s non-physical-technology war. There are also large-scale social experiments thrown in. Much is happening behind all these smoke and mirrors. And even more in the realms that we can’t access through our physical senses.

To win a war, we need to choose our battles. Fighting a corrupted system with the 3D consciousness (based on scarcity, control, fear etc) will not be effective for that is the root of the problem itself. The kyriarchy for past thousands of years are crumbling and that is why they are working so hard, going through so much trouble to hold on to the power that is slipping away from their hands. The planet and humanity are evolving at an accelerated rate. Our power of choices are being amplified now. For we have the free will to choose higher realms of existence (anchored in abundance, freedom, Divine Service, Love etc) or continue to be stuck in this enslaving matrix.

☯️ As the darkness become darker, the light is also becoming stronger.

✨We can’t fight darkness because it is simply the lack of light. So let’s switch on as much light as possible to simply dispel the darkness which is nothing in itself.

My suggested strategies?

💖Anchoring in our hearts and Light

✨Remembering our eternal souls

👼🏻Reclaiming our sovereign divinity

🧚🏼‍♀️Choosing the higher realms of existence

I trust this serves.

Much love,

𝒜𝓇𝒾ℯ𝓁 💗