For so long I've been afraid...

Ariel Tang Quantum Healing

For so long I have been afraid of…

Expressing my full messages. Even as I was expressing some views on social media that might be considered nonconventional by some, my soul knew that I was being very restrained with my messages.

I was afraid of how people will perceive me and also I needed to alchemize some memories of previous incarnations of expressing my full power and truth when the world was not ready and I got into not-so-nice experiences. There were also fear of failure, feeling of not enough and the classic imposter syndrome.

But all that have excited me the most through the years are magic, supernatural, ancient civilizations, superpowers, the stars, the metaphysics, world’s mysteries - anything that remind us that we are BEYOND this mundane human experience and limited capacities.

Since I was a kid, I was viewing the world very differently from my immediate surroundings. I would instinctively know about something that no one understood but that I couldn’t prove at the time. I just knew. I remember often in History classes, when teachers taught us about some world events and how who-and-who did this or that because of this-or-that, I would hear myself saying “no that’s not true”. And same goes for when I watch news and media or visit historical sites, I would intuitively within seconds receive messages.

The matrix grid of control is major cities such as HK where I grew up are strong. As I suppressed my gifts and insights, I learnt to fit in and I did it very well. I had the abilities to excel in the 3D reality and I did enjoy parts of them but I have always had this feeling that there is something off with the world. Our ways of living for the past thousands of years were so away from our souls & god.

So after 41 years on earth, last year was the year that finally everything made sense to me. It’s like that enlightening point in life, you looked back seeing all the breadcrumbs & episodes in your life, and then you REMEMBER why you are here.

I’m here to support humanity to transit from 3D consciousness to 5D consciousness of existence while having a great time on Earth. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean we are just gonna “puff” into thin air when that happen. Behind all those “smoke & mirrors” around the world that constantly draw our awareness away from our inner self, it is an exciting time for humanity! We are stepping into a New Golden Age of Civilization on Earth where love, abundance, freedom, joy, divine connection, miracles are the norms. 👼🏻🥳

And to support this global awakening, I am guided to offer these two new services -

Monthly Group Quantum Healing: deactivations of false programs, activations of what serve us, channeled transmission, alchemizing distortions, transmuting lower vibrations emotions & more. First one on Mar 17: “Releasing Fear & Powerlessness

Ascend with Grace - a 3-month Soul Journey for awakening souls who are ready to

  • expand their consciousness

  • awaken their soul essence

  • deepen their connection with their soul & guides

  • activate their soul missions & gifts

  • ascend on all levels with grace & more

I’m so thankful to remember my missions and to serve at my highest. Stay tuned for more details.

Remember - you are the powerful creator of your life.

With love,


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