• 75min All Levels. Lower back pain can have so many causes. Regardless of causes, it is nice to give your lower back some love by releasing tension at some common tight areas around. Practise here.

    Lower Back Joy

    Healing Yin

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    75min Open Class. An invigorating & well rounded class that challenges a little bit more our stability and ability to keep calm (and have fun!) during chaos. Practise here.

     "Keep Calm & Carry On"

    Jivamukti Yoga

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    45min All Levels. The Earth element represents our digestive system, our ability to stay centred, be nourished & nurturing, and process worry and anxiety. Practise here.

    Five Elements Series - Earth

    Thrive & Glow

  • 75min All Levels. According to Chinese Medicine, the Heart is considered the Emperor. But its healthy functioning requires the balance and will power from Kidneys...Practise here.

    Harmonizing Heart & Kidneys

    Healing Yin

  • 45min All Levels. Stress, overwork, being super organizer, anger, sitting all day block your Qi flow! In this class, we focus on unblocking the stagnant Qi at the Liver system. Practise here.

    Free the Qi!

    Thrive & Glow

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