"Thanks for introducing such a good product to me. I have been tortured by eczema for quite some time, the detox kit and the recommended diet freed me after 4 days. It really works! I plan to take one sachet (serving) each day going forward."

-Ada, Hong Kong

The support from our many repeated customers like Ada has shown us how effective and loved this unassuming gem is. If you want to experience more vitality, clearer skin, smoother bowel movement, lighter body, deeper sleep and better mood, purchase on www.alchemyrebels.com now!

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High-quality 7-day (21 sachets) or 14-day (42 sachets) home detox program from Amrita Wellness Retreat in Thailand. The detox shakes are made of fourteen 100% organic herbal ingredients, including some powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cleansing and appetite-regulating ingredients.

In a gist

Easy as 1-2-3! Mix the content of the sachet with a cup of cold mineral or coconut water or fresh juice. Drink it all up around 15 minutes before each meal  and make sure not to leave any herbs behind! You can consume your regular three meals but of course we recommend clean and healthy eating.

How to use?

Each Easy Detox sachet contains a 100% organic formula containing 14 herbal ingredients. For example, Noni, Chameleon Plant, Turmeric & Liquorice for Liver cleanse; Lemongrass, Tamarin & Ginger for Kidney detox; Garcinia, Pineapple Fibre & Orange for appetite regulation.


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