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CranioSacral Therapy (CST)


Developed by Dr. John E. Upledger since the 70s, CST is a gentle, hands-on treatment used to release tensions and restrictions of all the bones of the skull, verteral column, sacrum, coccyx, pelvis, meningeal membrane and its fascial connectioins. Its aim is to alleviate pain and dysfunction. As it treats the body as a whole and works to facilitate the body's innate self-healing mechanism, it is also a great tool for improving health and performance. 


CST addresses a wide variety of conditions, such as migraine, headache, back pain, neck pain, chronic fatigue, sleeping problems, stress and tension-related issues, scoliosis, TMJ, autism, learning disorders, ADD/ADHD, just to name a few.


How does CranioSacral Therapy Work?

One of the most important structures that influences body functioning is the brain and spinal cord - which makes up the central nervous system. And, the central nervous system is heavily influenced by the craniosacral system – the membranes and fluid that surround, protect and nourish the brain and spinal cord. 

Our body is constantly in a state of organized dysfunction. Because of our daily postures, habits, injuries, emotions, conditions incurred in childbirth etc, our bodies endure stresses and strains that they must work to compensate for. Sometimes, these changes tighten and distort the craniosacral system through stresses on body tissues. These distortions can then cause tension around the brain and spinal cord, affecting the healthy performance of the central nervous system (CNS). As no part of the body or system are separate from the others, problems in CNS can spread to other systems. 

A CST session usually lasts for 40 mins to one hour, during which the practitioner will first evaluate the craniosacral system and any energy blockage before treatment. Knowing that tension and restrictions in tissues affecting the craniosacral system respond very well with light touch and theurapetic intention, the CST practitioner uses his or her hands to gently invite the body back into balance and harmony. 



  • Any conditions where variation and/or slight increase in intracranial pressure would be a concern

  • Acute fracture of C1 (cervial spine)

  • Acute aneurysm, cerebral hemorrhage or other preexisting severe bleeding 

  • Acute stroke

  • Acute traumatic brain injury

  • Epidural leaks

We advise you to consult your doctor before receiving CST if you have any concerns regarding any change in intracanial pressrue.

Ariel offers healing sessions at Balance Health Holistic Clinic in Central, Hong Kong. For booking please email appt@balancehealth.com.hk or call +852 2530 3315.

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